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Roller Shutters - A security must for your business

When roller shutters came into existence and became so widely used is no longer something verifiable, and these tools have become so integrated with people’s everyday lives that many stop taking notice of them. Despite their obscurity, it is undeniable that they are very vital in keeping properties of businesses properly guarded. Now here’re some of the reasons why roller shutters are considered to indispensable security measures.


The nature of roller shutters of being fixed closely to doors and windows and lacking easily exploitable parts like hinges and knobs, makes breaching a very tedious task. Unless slats are of very low quality make, nothing short of heavy or power tools and firearms can tear roller shutters apart. As intruders always pick easy targets, having a sturdy barrier like roller shutters will make them look elsewhere.


While doors might be more convenient for smaller areas, they are downright inconvenient and even impractical when used in wide areas in most cases, and this is where roller shutters come in. Roller shutters are one of the most, if not the most, efficient and effective way to erect a barrier at a wide (and tall) entrance; just pull the shutters down and typically a minute later, a reliable barrier is set up, and opening them is just as easy.

Cost effective

Roller shutters for commercial use, unlike doors and gates, are not opened and closed often. They are very and are sturdy by nature, and also need to be less thick than doors or gates used to provide the same security benefits in the same area. As such, these advantages allow roller shutters to be easily installed, have little need for maintenance and use less material in construction, resulting in cost-effectiveness.


Roller shutters, like other types of barriers like doors and gates, have a wide variety of types and colours in the market to choose from. This allows business owners to find roller shutters suiting their security needs for their premises without compromising aesthetics. Heavy duty and fire rated roller shutters are also available if added security or fire protection are deemed necessary for these premises.

Hightex® Dynamic provides a selection of high quality roller shutters types, such as grille, see-thru, heavy duty and fire rated, in addition to conventional aluminium slat roller shutters. We also provide excellent after sales, repair and maintenance services, as a proof of dedication to client satisfaction.

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