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Advantages of roller shutters

If a person lives anywhere even near civilization, it is near-impossible for him/her to have never seen roller shutters before. In cities, especially commercial areas, roller shutters are like street lights – very common and utterly indispensable; here are the advantages leading to commonness of roller shutters, which is also why Hightex® Dynamic is a leading roller shutters manufacturer in Malaysia.


The first and foremost role of any type of roller shutters provided by Hightex® Dynamic is to provide security, be it heavy duty, fire rated, grille, see-through or plain old aluminium slat ones. Fitted to doors or windows closely, they present no easy-to-exploit parts to hack at, and cannot be breached without use of heavy tools or firearms. As such, roller shutters, even less secured looking ones like grille and see-through types function as excellentdeterrents, as intruders always seek weaker targets and roller shutters are not signs of weakness.


While considered less useful here as Malaysia is a tropical country, roller shutters’ ability to keep heat in or out of a room is still a notable one, as this would mean air-conditioning can be used in a more efficient manner. This insulating feature depends on material, thickness and transparency of roller shutters used; those with non-transparent and thicker slats, better still if they are heavy duty and/or fire rated ones, are best used if insulation is required.


With the exception of fully transparent ones like see-through and grille types, roller shutters by Hightex® Dynamic are also capable of providing privacy as they can shut out light as well as sound to a certain extent. Heavy duty and fire rated ones especially, are so effective that sound is almost inaudible from the other side.


Wind, dust, rain or even hail, no weather elements short of cyclones can seriously damage roller shutters. Hightex® Dynamic roller shutters are the best protection one can give to doors and windows in the event of severe storms. While see-through and grille do not provide such protection as well as their conventional counterparts, they are able to prevent debris to break doors and windows to a certain extent. Heavy duty and fire rated ones are unmatched in this respect, as they can even keep fire out for a certain amount of time.


Roller shutters pick up where doors are inadequate or downright impractical – wide entrances. Their inherent nature enables them to be easily used to cover a wide area in typically less than a minute, with a simple pull or push motion. Heavy duty and fire rated ones might proved to be less easy to handle, but they would be more practical compared to installing doors to cover wide areas.

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